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Important Information:


All guests will be required to sign a waiver and contract in order to participate in our activities. Whether you are on a Jet Ski or any water activity you will get wet! Guests should be physically able to pull themselves back up on the Jet Ski. Our Jet Ski guide/water patrol will give a full briefing and orientation with laws and regulations and will assist you in the event that a participant is having trouble getting back on a jet ski! It is recommended that guests wear swimming attire.


Please note that in order to participate in any WOW activity, a participant must be at least 6 years old for surfing and preferable 12yrs and up for JetSki.

Children may only ride as a PASSENGER on the Jet Ski.

Combined weight of all passengers on a single Jet Ski may NOT exceed 275 pounds.


***Note: Women who are pregnant may not participate. Guests with heart, lung or back problems may not participate. Guests who have been drinking alcohol or under the influence of drugs may not participate***


Know your limits!


Guests should consider their physical fitness level and medical history when determining whether this adventure is appropriate for them.  Guests with cardiac conditions, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, and other heart or respiratory conditions and/or previous back or neck injury or any other medical condition should take particular caution when selecting this activity.  Guests who have concerns should consult with their personal physician before engaging in any activity that may be strenuous for them.


Guest requirements:


You must be a minimum of 21 years of age to sign a rental agreement and drive. In some cases, we may require the guest’s parents/legal guardians to sign the agreement.


Identification is required. No one under the age of 21 can Rent PCW (jet ski)!  Law requires a life jacket be worn while operating a PWC (Jet Ski), which will be provided and must be worn at all times while underway!

Individual guest weight must not exceed 275 lbs. and combined weight on a single jest ski shall not exceed 275 lbs.  



Bad Weather Policy:


Bad weather is determined by WOW staff based on a combination of real time observations and National Weather Service predictions. Please do not assume the activity will be cancelled. Please do not assume the local TV weather report is accurate. Contact WOW for official bad weather determination. Isolated / unforeseen rain encountered during the time of a Jet Ski rental is being used or when a Jet Ski tour is in progress is not a reason for discount or refund.


Financial Responsibility:


Renter(s) is/are responsible for any and all damage, repair and labor costs. All renters and passengers must sign a rental agreement, release of liability, and waiver forms. WOW Adventures reserves the right to deny service to persons not qualified or experienced enough for certain rentals. All renters must have valid photo ID and a major credit card or cash for payment.

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